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The Autographed and Limited Edition Cry For Jerusalem HardCover Box Set is a must-have for any historical fiction lover. Each of the four books in the set is personally signed by the critically acclaimed author, Ward Sanford. 


Note - this is a PRE-ORDER and LIMITED EDITION Product - Supplies are Limited. 
This premium box set comes in a collectors edition custom box - and is the first time the CFJ series will be published in hardcover


This Set Includes One Autographed HardCover Copy Of Each:

Cry For Jerusalem | Book 1  - Resisting Tyranny 
Cry For Jerusalem | Book 2 - Against All Odds

Cry For Jerusalem | Book 3 - Growing Anarchy
Cry For Jerusalem | Book 4 - Final Siege 


Cry For Jerusalem is a series of historical fiction books covering the seven years leading up to the burning of Herod’s Temple and the Siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE. The details of these events are a little-known part of history yet documented in riveting and heartbreaking detail by eyewitness historian Flavius Josephus. Cry For Jerusalem gives a fresh view into these stories and showcases them in a new way with this fictional yet fact based dramatization. Author Ward Sanford brings the people and events to life in this vivid four-novel series that captures the intrigue, hopes, dreams, and drama on both sides of the Jewish Roman war.


Autographed Cry For Jerusalem Hardcover Box Set

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