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Authors We Support

We're all fans of reading here!
Here's a list of other authors we support and also write works within a time period and subject matter similar to CFJ.

We encourage all our readers to support Authors of all sizes.

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Shimon Avish

SHIMON AVISH writes about significant events in ancient Jewish history. His work draws on his adventures in soldiering, farming, product design, cabinet making, political science, international business consulting and living in the U.S., Canada, and Israel. He completed his doctoral degree in political science at Columbia University in the City of New York and was a Fulbright-Hays Fellow.


James Mace

James Mace is a life-long historian and the author of twenty-seven books, including ten Ancient History best-sellers, and five South African History best-sellers. He penned the initial draft of his first novel, 'Soldier of Rome: The Legionary', as a cathartic means of escapism while serving in Iraq from 2004 to 2005. His works span numerous eras, from Ancient Rome to the British Empire.

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Francine Rivers

New York Times bestselling author Francine Rivers had a successful writing career in the general market for several years becoming a born-again Christian; she then wrote Redeeming Love as her statement of faith. A retelling of the biblical story of Gomer and Hosea set during the time of the California Gold Rush, Redeeming Love is now considered by many to be a classic work of Christian fiction and it continues to be one of the industry’s top-selling titles year after year. Since Redeeming Love, Francine has published numerous bestselling novels with Christian themes—including several on First Century Rome —and she has continued to win both industry acclaim and reader loyalty around the world.

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