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Cry For Jerusalem

The History

Cry for Jerusalem covers the seven-year period of  63 to 70 CE leading up to the destruction of Jerusalem and Herod's Temple. 

Author Ward Sanford became fascinated by this time period and the fact it's not well known or often written about today compared to other events in history.  Yet this period was written and reported on by contemporary historian Flavius Josephus, whose accounting of the destruction has been an invaluable historical resource to the creation of Cry for Jerusalem.  Ward has spent extensive time researching, visiting, and learning as much as he can in the creation of these novels.  This section is devoted to all those who would like to know more!  We will be sharing timelines of events, photos of Ward's many trips to Jerusalem, and additional information into the behind the scene's that went into the creation of Cry for Jerusalem!


around the temple mount

On the temple mount