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Was it fate, destiny, or some divine plan that brought four very different travelers together in their struggle to survive what should have been a routine trip to Rome? 

These new friends and their family members found themselves playing pivotal roles at a focal point in the history of Western Civilization.

Winds from the west were carrying the embers born out of the great fire in Rome, threatening to reignite in Judea and create a conflict that would forever change the world for Jews and Christians.

In this first novel of the series the Jewish rebellion begins in a backdrop of secret tunnels and assassins—the dreaded Sicarii could strike faster than lightning and blend back into the crowd just as quickly.  Even hardened Roman Mercenaries were no match for them.

In between the known historical events, there’s the story of the people involved.

You get to meet them in Cry for Jerusalem.

Book 2 Coming Soon

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