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Cry For Jerusalem
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resisting tyranny

Was it fate, destiny, or some divine plan that brought four very different travelers together in their struggle to survive what should have been a routine trip to Rome? 

These new friends and their family members found themselves playing pivotal roles at a focal point in the history of Western Civilization.

Winds from the west were carrying the embers born out of the great fire in Rome, threatening to reignite in Judea and create a conflict that would forever change the world for Jews and Christians.

In this first novel of the series the Jewish rebellion begins in a backdrop of secret tunnels and assassins—the dreaded Sicarii could strike faster than lightning and blend back into the crowd just as quickly.  Even hardened Roman Mercenaries were no match for them.

In between the known historical events, there’s the story of the people involved.

You get to meet them in Cry For Jerusalem.

against all odds

In Book Two, their epic saga continues its sweeping arc from Rome to Jerusalem, Antioch to Galilee. Ancient history comes to life—and events unanswered by history become plausibly explained.

You’ll read of the Siege of Yotapta (modern day Yodfat) where thousands of Jews died fighting Roman legions—against all odds—in one of the bloodiest battles in Jewish history. 

 You’ll follow the developing story behind the legendary (but real), Copper Scroll, considered “the most unique, the most important, and the least understood” of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

You'll also follow the factions and dissension that weaken Jerusalem and the intrigues within the Roman empire that lead up to the year of the four emperors and a civil war that would shape the empire for decades.

All that and more await the reader of Cry For Jerusalem, - Book Two 66-67 CE: Against All Odds.

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Growing Anarchy

In Book Three, Yosef—defeated and captured at Yotapta—remains Roman General Vespasian’s prisoner as a growing number of his countrymen consider him a traitor.


Nicanor, in Rome, travels to the empire’s western provinces to Marcus Otho, governor of Hispania Lusitania, seeking his help to save Cleo, his sister. Nero, facing execution, commits suicide and Lord Galba, who is close to Marcus Otho, becomes the new emperor.


Cleo, unable to flee to Rome with Nicanor, hides in Jerusalem with Yosef’s family.

Sayid returns to the Roman army and finds his father.

Miriam rekindles feelings for Ehud, a former love who has returned to Jerusalem, but the Sicarii believe him a Roman collaborator.

In Jerusalem, the effort to save the Temple treasure begins as factions within bring the city to the point of anarchy. In Rome, discord and forces within threaten to fracture the empire. The stage is set for what leads to Rome’s Year of the Four Emperors and Jerusalem’s eventual destruction.

Final Siege

In Book Four, the finale to the epic saga finishes its sweeping arc from Rome to Jerusalem, Antioch to Galilee. Ancient history comes to life—and events unanswered by history become plausibly explained.

 Rome finds itself in its own civil war with emperors lasting for months, not decades. Jerusalem continues to suffer under rival factions whose self-serving leaders refuse to unite. Their failure suddenly comes into sharp focus when the Romans arrive to a city with empty food stores.


Fierce battles accompany a long siege, and starvation leads to acts of desperation. A last-minute plea for peace fails, and friends must look for meaning to what fate has delivered.


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